Valet Service Included

Courtesy Hotel Chat Noir by Hoexbroe
I’m so happy to see a hotel MOC show up, and this one definitely has a certain elegant style to it. I really like that entry way, and who CAN’T like that car. It’s rich and the 1950s style of it is perfect. Great hotel and set up!

The Pub for Pigs

Courtesy The PIG by benlego
Not the animals, but the grungy humans that stumble in and out on a regular basis. It’s a great building for it too. The pig complements the bright yellow sign wonderfully. Cheers!

Cabin in the Woods

Courtesy Log Cabin by Mauricio Vollu Rosa
I’m always happy to see a log cabin creation. It reminds me of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and how much I want to go back! All the details are right, and I really like that chimney and truck. Good work!

The Old Town District

Courtesy Old Town Buildings by BrickCityDepot
Want realism? Well here it is. The relatively vibrant brown and dark green (the first floor is awesome, by the way) go well with the dull gray and black. Two terrific buildings, and their interiors, that really make you want to build something. Keep it up, Brian!
This is long overdue, I’ve just been busy recently. But hope you enjoy it!

A 1930 Stroll in Paris

Courtesy Paris 1930 by 74louloute
Sorry for the lack of posting lately. But I found this one on ClassicTown and figured I should post it here as well. The use of the collectible minigifures and the busy atmosphere make for a great diorama. And, of course, the buildings are fantastic.