Where Can I Buy Lego Bricks Or Anything Similar To Lego Bricks Within Metro Manila In The Philippines?

The cheaper the better. I just need LEGO bricks or any substitute. I don’t need custom characters or vehicles (police, trucks, etc.) Any particular mall or outlet where I can buy LEGO bricks? Please post the mall or outlet, its location, and the item’s estimated price. Thanks a lot.
P.S. Some say Toys R Us or Toy Kingdom would be a good choice but they don’t have a complete list of items. Appreciate it. Thanks.

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  1. If you don’t find a store there, you can order what you want from lego.com
    my mom was born in manilla philippines!!!!

  2. go to SM mall near you… i’m sure there is one. then go to the department store and go straight to their toy section. ask them for their lego… then, more usual than not, around that area you can see similar bricks that are much cheaper.

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