A Tower to Protect

Jaka Kupina’s (Captain Flint) Guard Tower is packed with fun little details. The whole thing manages to look overgrown, un-cared for, and generally miserable while still having such a clean, lovely presentation. I particularly like the fence line, myself.

Sorry Son, Daddy Needs Your Bricks

I wonder if this diorama by Karwick stirs up memories for any of our readers. It depicts an AFOL father who’s decided to take over his children’s Lego collection, and start building. I’ll take the tied up children as a bit of poetic license.

The story aside, this diorama is packed full of well-built details. A few of note are the radiator under the shelf on the right side, the wall light above the bed, with cord leading to an outlet, and the clever floor.

Afol (I)

The world has changed, Sensei

There tends to be some comfort in a glimmer of color, a bit of hope in a dark place. Seb Arts has illustrated that beautifully in his recent creation:

I really don’t think words do much justice for this piece, so I will let the photos stand for themselves. You can see more over on MOCpages.

A Two Horsepower Train

Taking the train medium back to the days of yore, this lovely creation by Matt Henry and his wife (aka Matt_Henry_Aus and tikitikitembo, respectively) makes excellent use of train motors and tracks in a medieval pastoral setting. It’s great to see Castle fans branch out and add motorized bits to their creations.

Train double feature

You might be able to guess I’m going through my recent additions to my blog list. These two steam train pictures look so nice together I’m going to save myself some typing and blog them together. Both are excellent models and showcase the advantages of building trains at 8-wide. Which needs to be showcased since it is a dirty size[1].

First we have Cale Leiphart‘s USRA Light Mikado from World War I as operated by the Baltimore and Ohio railway.

Followed by this excellent diorama by Tony Sava (SaveTheAggie) from his series “The Texas Brick Railroad”.
Rail In The Sky

[1] That’s a train-head joke. There’s joking banter between 6/7w builders and 8w builders that dates back many years.

Get Robo!

I don’t know what the Get Robo company does, but I know I like this sculpture if their mascot by Ewok in Disguise. The robot is cute, and incorporates some intersting building techniques in the torso. Frankly, I think it’s better looking than the source image he based it on.

Commissioned Project Complete!

Positively Smashing!

Building a realistic looking car out of LEGO is an impressive feat. Building a realistic looking crashed car out of LEGO is something else altogether. The little details on this scene by zgrredek are just spectacular. Check out the crumpled hood, smashed roof, and bent bumper, just don’t ask me why the driver appears to be holding a green ball.

crash 03

Rest for the Wicked

Even bandits need to take a break now and again. David Leest bursts back on the scene with this lush little gem. The waterfall, foliage and general landscaping are very nice, but the posing of the figs put the topper on this for me.

Wolfpack On A Break