Bart De Dobbelaer amazes me with the intricacies of his scenes and the action that he packs into them. The scary aliens/bugs in this scene are pretty wild and the backdrop highlights the action perfectly.



I’m fairly sure I’ve never been ten-pin bowling. I’m even more sure that Dave Shaddix has. From the mosaic on the wall, to the hotdogs on the grill, this diorama has everything I imagine a bowling alley should have. And more.

Keep Those Balls Rolling!

Ridin’ the Big Thunder

I admit to being a sucker for Disney; I was 23 when I made my first trip. There’s a certain joy in seeing Mainstreet USA for the first time.

So with that in mind, this creation by Fat Tony brings me to that point, of being at Disney for the first time, and the sheer joy of riding the rides and seeing that magic.



Akai Shiro

AC Pin has developed quite the reputation over the years. Mostly known for highly detailed Star Wars dioramas, he takes a step on the wild side this time around. This particular scene depicts a gorgeous red Japanese castle and the surrounding grounds. It is built with exceptional attention to detail. But I was very impressed with how the infamous raised baseplates were melded into the landscape in such a way that they almost go unnoticed. That is a hard thing to do.

Amazing World War II LEGO diorama

A collection of Lugpol members (Pit, Mrutek, Rasch, Ciamek, Glaz_Pimpur, Misiek, Zgredek and Kris Kelvin) have combined forces to produce this stunning diorama of the Eastern Front. The diorama is presently on display at Gdansk Town Hall and if I was near the area I’d certainly be checking it out.

The diorama is full of amazing details, wonderful buildings, decay, flora and excellent military vehicles. Kris has a collection of his shots and a lot of links to further shots in this set. This is my favourite diorama ever and sets the bar very high. I’m even more amazed that with so many cooks the broth is so delicious.


PS. If anyone can provide links to the other builders please post them below.

Showdown in Felice

I have no idea how I missed this. This sort of build is right up my alley, if you will. According to Michal Herbolt, the keeper of the lost chronicle secret (Archibald) was kidnapped and tortured for information.


The build is just beautiful. The different colored plates really add to the cobbled stone look, and the wood/stone combination on the main house really just works. Underneath, too, there is a rather unpleasant (but well built!) surprise.

Check out the rest of the flickr gallery!

The Market District

Minifigures need a place to get their goods, and Alex‘s Market District is really filling that niche. This creation is just packed with stories and detail!

Check out this overall-shot; the produce, the animals, and the buildings just seem to flow naturally. I particularly like the building in the back corner, and the detail on the door!


There is just too much good stuff to list it all out here. I encourage you to check out some of the fantastic little details that are worked into this creation!

via Legobloggen

Smoke signals

Croatian LEGO fan Matija Grguric has been on a Wild West building spree lately. His most recent diorama captured the look of the American West better than any American builder has (to my knowledge), complete with the banded colors of the Badlands.

Western Countyside

Matija is building all of his Western creations — from the Black Cat Saloon to Market Street — for an upcoming Club Kockice exhibit.

That little mesa is worth a closer look:

Western Countyside