A place downtown to meet your Friends

I love seeing Friends colors and sets incorporated into awesome builds, and Allan Corbeil has done a magnificent job with that. He’s given us a lovely Cafe Corner modular building, based on 41035 Heartlake Juice Bar.

Black and White photo of my Lego Modular Building MOC

While I love the black and white old-timey pictures, I have to share the stand-alone shot, too. The Juice Bar looks just lovely built into the ground floor of this brick building. The detail for the top floor is quite lovely and very reminiscent of the details that LEGO puts into other modular sets, particularly 10243 Parisian Restaurant and 10251 Brick Bank.

Lego Building #8

Justice for All

Bricklyn Borough Courthouse
Courtesy Bricklyn Borough Courthouse by sonicstarlight
Judicial Row – (BTT) Few things are more satisfying in life than seeing the innocent vindicated and the guilty punished, and where better to see the drama play out than in the courtroom. Standing tall among its neighbors is the Bricklyn Borough Courthouse, ready to dispense truth, justice, and all that other good stuff. The first floor features a mosaic tiled entry lobby, large conference rooms for lawyers to negotiate (read: scream) with each other, and offices for the various clerks and support staff. Head upstairs to the second floor to find the courtroom itself and the judge’s chambers.
* Full disclosure – this article’s author is also the architect, so take any claim of impartiality with a grain of salt.

Keep Me Posted

Courtesy 10197 Alternate by Mugen
Main Street – (BTT) The surest sign that summer is truly over? For some it is the changing color of the leaves or the taste of apple cider. For others, it is seeing the fine men and women of the post office trade in their shorts for a pair of long pants. While seasons may end, the need for mail never does, and branches like this elegant building helps make sure every piece reaches its final destination.

Working With What You Have

Courtesy Pet Shop Alternative Model by BrickCityDepot
Remix Road – (BTT) When life gives you lemons you make lemonade, but what about when life gives you all the materials to make a Pet Shop when the blueprints call for a corner building? Well, faced with just that very dilemma, the construction manager of this handsome set of buildings decided to work with what he had, creating in the process something quite unique.

A Splash of Color

Courtesy Lego Modular House by Skreenkiller
Bavaria, Germany – (BTT) Sometimes you just need to make a statement. Not that there is anything wrong with a neutral color palette, but being able to say you live in the bright orange townhouse certainly makes it easier for visitors to find you. The black and tan neighbor and white arcade with balconies above help bring balance to the composition, providing just the right amount of pop without going too far.

Everyone Needs a Couch

Lego Funiture Store 01
Courtesy LEGO Furniture Store by =DoNe=
I’m sure you always wanted to buy that $1200 dinner table set. Well now you can with the new furniture store in town. The old town style is really nice on this model, particularly with the large windows that are used. Looks like some recycled Green Grocer if you ask me!

The West Just Got Settled!

Western Market Street
Courtesy Western Market Street by Matija Grguric
The old-fashioned look is well brought out in this layout. It makes me happy to see a  western-themed model again. Plus, you know it’s an awesome model when you see a fence made out of droid legs and arms.
Of course, he built a church to go along with it. But wait! There’s more!


Western Countyside
Courtesy Western Countryside by Matija Grguric