The Pub for Pigs

Courtesy The PIG by benlego
Not the animals, but the grungy humans that stumble in and out on a regular basis. It’s a great building for it too. The pig complements the bright yellow sign wonderfully. Cheers!

Cabin in the Woods

Courtesy Log Cabin by Mauricio Vollu Rosa
I’m always happy to see a log cabin creation. It reminds me of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and how much I want to go back! All the details are right, and I really like that chimney and truck. Good work!

Museum of Antiquities

With a large imposing view, this museum brings up the good memories of Johnny Thunder as he ventured through the desert, jungle, and mountains. From expensive gold dinosaurs to walls lined with hieroglyphics, one will see the time taken to get every detail right. Just check out the glass showcases to get an idea. Great job all around, Atlas!