Ready, Set, Escargot!

This past weekend saw one of the world’s great annual LEGO conventions arrive, Brickworld Chicago. With it came dozens of new builds and spectacular collaborations to dazzle the public. One such dazzling display came from the builders of Eurobricks, a popular online LEGO forum, who built a spectacularly intense and hilarious snail race for the ages.

Ready, Set, Escargot! by Peter Strege

This award-winning collaboration was a truly large and world-spanning operation kept together with tight planning and a singular cohesive snail design made by team leader Mark Larson. His design, which was itself awarded the title of Best Creature at the convention, was used by nine other builders to construct more snails which were individualized with unique colors and themed castles–and then finally placed into an epic race.

Giant Troll Castle by Mark Larson (Photo by Peter Strege)


As the snails raced around the track, other inhabitants took up residence in the center field, constructing buildings such as the Mollusk Mosque and the spectator stands. Baby snails were hatched and trained to become racing champions, as butterfly transports and a very cool moving airship floated above.

Spectator Stands, Photo by Peter Strege

Mollusk Mosque, Photo by Mark Larson

Airship by Garey Conley

The full collaboration team consisted of the following builders: Mark Larson, Pete Strege, Kristel, Garey Conley, Ace and Cecilie Fritzvold, Ben Hauger, Mikael Sjostedt, Adam Myers, Marco den Besten, Vincent Kessels, Bob de Quatre, Phred, Prune Face, Quarryman, Rogue Angel, and TBB’s own Simon Liu and Tim Lydy.

For more images, see the Ready, Set, Escargot! Album

Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet in LEGO

Tyler Halliwell is a guy who knows definitely knows his way around a bust! Renowned in the LEGO community for his amazing bust creations, Tyler’s latest character is Thanos together with the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos is a Marvel Character who appeared in both The Thanos Quest and The Infinity Gauntlet series of Marvel Comics back in the 1990s. As a Marvel ‘baddie’, Thanos’ character has been depicted in the brick build featuring an evil grin and penetrating stare. Tyler used Lifelites (micro LEDs suitable for use with LEGO) to add a little more bling to the Infinity Gems.

Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet

If you are a fan of busts…ahem…then check out some more that we have previously featured:

Miyazaki bust by TBB’s own Iain Heath
Julius Von Brick self-portrait bust
Sandman and Anubis busts both by Tyler Halliwell
Predator bust by Misterzumbi
Paleman and Faun from Pan’s Labyrinth by Tyler Halliwell
Captain America bust by Fredoichi


A stylish gas station: the classic Esso

With World War II behind, the Netherlands was rapidly rebuilding its infrastructure, and the vast highway system required many gas stations. But resources were scarce, so the Dutch turned to stylish minimalism to make best use of what they had. Willem Marinus Dudok, a Dutch architect, was commissioned by Esso Netherlands to design a gas station. He came up with a modernist building which was fairly simple yet elegant. We previously featured LEGO builder Andrea Lattanzio’s Esso van and many of the interior decorations, but now he’s worked hard to replicate the entire building, and has managed to incorporate each and every detail of the functional and inexpensive design. Check out the original building to compare with Andrea’s interpretation.

Esso Gas Station

Make sure you check out the rest of the photographs because the amazingly detailed and beautiful interior is fantastic. The workbench, sliding doors, cracks on the wall, the lamp, the decoration, ventilation and pretty much everything is well crafted!


Service Garage


Kiyonobu Military Centre

This Asian-style castle by Henry F. is so beautifully put together that I can’t stop looking at it. At first glance, this build appears clean and simple, but further reflection reveals tons of amazing details like the wooden lattice-style steps with multiple landings, the iron-barred windows, and the amazing texture Henry built into the rock formations. Henry cleverly designed this build with multiple levels, each one stepped up a little higher than the previous level. This results in a terrific photo composition that shows all the details of the build in one clear photo.

TSJ - Kiyonobu Military Centre

You can check out close-up photos (including a shot of that sweet, mullet-rocking soldier) on Flickr.

Three wildly different mechs

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I have for you today, in this single story, not one, not two, but three mech builds from three different builders. Together, the make quite the lovely trio!

First up is a spindly looking fellow in the form of Rv-12 Voron by legoricolaSomething about the angle of those ankle joints makes me really uncomfortable…

Next up it’s the police mech 02 by neruneruneranai which ditches the bipedal form factor of the previous build as well as (spoiler) the next. Instead we have this Tachikoma-esque wheeled design which is very nicely done.

police mech 02

Finally, Lancer Railgun by DeadCajun71, which uses one of my favourite pieces  to create a very unique shape for the cockpit area. Also: the way this mech picks up its pilot reminds me a lot of Titanfall 2, a game I’m very excited for.

Lancer Railgun

Make sure you check out each of the builders’ photostreams for more shots, as well as cockpit details to see how they managed to fit a full minifigure in each build.

Park 0937: perfect LEGO theme park for all minifigs

It may have taken two years to complete this amazing diorama but Alexis Dos Santos definitely nailed it! Alexis covered the whole theme park with numerous attractions including a fantasy castle, horror mansion, drop tower, flyer, carousel, hurricane, log flume, circling railroad, Ferris wheel, gondola and many more!

Most of them seem to be fully functional with the help of Power Functions parts. The diorama is not only filled with amazing details but it is also built in a stylish manner which adds a lot of character. Park 0937 turned out to be our most favorite theme park ever!

Park 0937

Big, black and beautiful: The Blacktron Behemoth

This huge Blacktron-themed tank by Adrian Drake measures a whopping 104 x 48 studs. Complete with a rotating turret and articulated corner treads, this LEGO tank is an absolute necessity for any Blacktron fleet worth its salt.

Adrian explained that his build was inspired by the artwork of DeviantArt user Duskie-06, but of course modified for LEGO building and tricked out in black with yellow trim and red transparent pieces in order to be a true Blacktron vehicle. According to Adrian, “The entire thing is basically a giant technic framework that, when I take the treads off, I can pick up and swoosh quite easily. It is, in reality, a SHIP with tank treads.”

If you’re looking to build a Blacktron Behemoth of your very own, be forewarned, to complete a tank like this you will need to spend countless man-hours in R&D and manufacturing. It took Adrian nearly two months to complete this build and that was even with the assistance of child labor: Adrian’s 9-year-old son designed the gun on the top of the turret and his 12-year-old son tirelessly mass-produced the tank’s treads. Without minions of your own, you’re looking at a much longer timeline before your tank rolls off the assembly line.

To see the up-close details of this build, be sure to check out more photos of Adrian’s massive Blacktron tank on Flickr. You can also see this tank in person at Brickworld Chicago or BrickFair DC.