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Curiosity asks, ”Why?” and imagines explanations or possibilities (if.. then). Playfulness asks what if? and imagines how the ordinary becomes extraordinary, fantasy or fiction. Dreaming it is a first step towards doing it.

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LEGO Magnet sets to be glued [News]

LEGO Pharoah's Quest Magnets Glue

With the release of the new Pharoah’s Quest sets, many people bought the magnets, as they are an easy way to get the more desirable minifigs. However, the magnet figs were glued to their bases.

When asked for an explanation, LEGO said that all magnet figs will be glued from now on. There was a contractual issue with the magnets in the licensed themes and they had to be glued. In order to make things more efficient in production, the decision was made to glue all magnet figs rather than run two seperate magnet lines (glued and unglued). This has caused a lot of consternation in the community.

A couple of gifts

Some time ago I heard that there were a few creations left on Nate Nielson’s computer that had never been posted online. Nathan’s wife was gracious enough to post two of the creations earlier this week and my thanks go out to her. I still miss seeing “Nnenn’s” work in my Contact List. His wife says that there is one more left and she is saving it for a special occasion. Enjoy!

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