If Caterpillar Made Spaceships

I like to think they’d look something like this. Well, that is, if Cat were literally run by caterpillars. In any case, this is an awesomely original take on a space freighter by flickr user Lord Pappadhum. The unique shape is definitely the highlight here, but it’s also worth noting the huge number of colors he’s managed to incorporate without making the ship look unnaturally busy. Also, using those train tracks in that orientation: genius.

GHL Punk Not Dead heavy Tug

Sail away to your new home aboard the NCP Colonial Fleet

Mike Yoder has his own corporate entity reminiscent of Black Mesa from the Half-Life universe and Weyland-Yutani from the Alien franchise. North Central Positronics is a shadowy, semi-military organization with heavily defended bases on earth and a full-fledged fleet in space. Mike’s latest addition includes a pair of cargo barges, a pilot ship, and several heavy fighters.

NCP Colonial Fleet

Hikari gunship by nabii

When Mark Stafford isn’t busy designing LEGO sets or baiting Justin Bieber fans, he builds awesome stuff like this Hikari gunship. From the tiny guns up front to the massive engines in back, the gunship looks prepared to retake Earth from the insectoid horde.


I especially like the mix of red and white Technic. Mark gets bonus points for getting the name of the vehicle to match up accurately with the Kanji character — “hikari” means “light” in Japanese.

The Imperial Chinese Navy takes to the stars

I alluded to the opposing force that inspired my own microscale battle fleet, but it looks like I didn’t end up blogging Mike Yoder‘s fleet on its own. Well, this wonderful new poster created for Mike by Stijn gives me a great excuse to do so.

Imperial Chinese Navy Poster

All of Mike’s ships have a consistent design that visually places them within the same faction, while each vessel has a unique style of its own. I just love the little fighters!

Spaceship Bistouri

Legodrome‘s 190-stud long Bistouri spaceship comes from the Metabaron comics. Did I mention that it’s 5 feet long? The size of the ship is deceptive due to the large triangular fins that could be easily replicated on a smaller scale. The brick-built skull design from a close-up view should convince you of the true size of the model.


Tardisblue’s Edgy Solar Strafer

Nick Trotta’s (aka Tardisblue) newest ship combines a superb color-scheme with incredible angles and a Vic Viper flourish to help finish out Novvember. The integration of the stripes into the wings and tail is wonderfully done, and the sawtooth edges on the forward struts give this ship a particularly aggressive look. Be sure to check out some of his other sweet ships, too.

Solar Strafer 3V

A Neo-Classic Space resurgence?

There’s been a spate of really great Neo-Classic Space models over this last week or so, and I hadn’t realized I missed it quite as much as I apparently do. The latest update to a classic set is Chris Edwards‘s update to 6928 Uranium Search Vehicle.

Uranium Search Vehicle 01

As much as I love the vehicle — from the faithful recreation of the uranium detectors on the front to the lab on the back — what stands out most to me is the great updates to the black and white Space minifigs.