A Three-pronged Attack

And for Jon Walker (Jon1138), those three prongs are excellence, imagination, and the capacity to carry out his plans. It seems that every year, large spaceship designs get more innovative and more unorthodox in their shapes, and the Dalu planetary defense craft is certainly at the forefront of these original designs.

According to Jon, it checks in at 150 studs long, and 60 studs wide, making it deceptively large, and all the more impressive in its structural integrity.

A Prickly Sort of Fighter

This latest spaceship by T.Oechsner, a veteran of Classic-Space themed models, is certainly a beauty. All the antennas and other technical accoutrements are perfectly placed to give this spaceship a menacing, sturdy feel.

LL1110-07 THRA BAR


Bart De Dobbelaer amazes me with the intricacies of his scenes and the action that he packs into them. The scary aliens/bugs in this scene are pretty wild and the backdrop highlights the action perfectly.


Futurey Heli

I’m so used to seeing excellent teensy spaceships from Rodney Bistline (Buster) that I had to check twice that I had the name right. I did. This delightful helicopter combines Rodney’s gorgeous use of shape and colour with a more contemporary design. I want to see more near-future stuff from you, Rodney. Got that!

Futurey Attack Helicopter

The cavalry is coming

Apparently this cruiser by Vince Toulouse has been around for awhile, but I missed it and it has some rather cool components. The overall shape is one that we don’t see a lot, using pieces that almost everyone refuses to touch…the giant floor pieces from the old Sports sets. But they look really good here. Also I really like the cavalry flag on the side. Very nice touch.