Space mega base

Gerry Burrows combines science fiction and classical Greek and Roman architecture in this 28′ long colossus called Garrison of Moriah. Its height falls just a few inches short of 8′, only to be limited by the ceiling of the workroom. The idea behind the build has nested in Gerry’s mind for years, but it finally came to being when Gerry bought a new house with a custom-designed room to accommodate the creation, which took 9 months and over 200,000 bricks (thankfully Gerry has an understanding wife). Some of the highlights include a gladiator stadium, a giant waterfall, and a cavernous spaceship hangar.

Space repair part II

Combat Repair Ship - 'Mad Hatter'

Recently Soren Roberts ([Soren]) made a comment on the Goliath alluding to having something similar in the works. Well it’s not quite a docking cradle but it is a combat repair ship so serves a similar role. I’m a sucker for arms on ships but I’ll quote Kyle Vrieze to describe what I really like: ‘You somehow space the components and segments by precisely the right gap to make best use of the negative space’. Indeed.

Lawn Day on Planet X

Before the historic achievements of the Mariner, Pioneer, and Voyager probes cleared the mists of fantasy from our planetary neighborhood, even “hard” science-fiction like the early novels of Arthur C. Clarke posited the existence of flora (and sometimes fauna) on the surface of Mars, Venus, and our moon. There’s a certain sense of loss knowing that’s not true.

Joshua Morris (I Scream Clone) restores some of that wonder with this little diorama featuring a mushroom-mowing spaceman.

Lawn Day

Insidious Details

There are some nice detail bits, mixed into some great shaping, on the new space ship by Phall (Pha][_,][_,), The Insidious. He’s also done a great job of photographing the creation, keeping the details visible, despite the creation being almost entirely white.

My favorite detail is the curved panel piece that sticks out, revealing a little bit of greebling underneath. You can recognize it by the chevron symbol on the panel.



There are so many things I want to say about this, but mostly, I’m just in awe. This four-section creation by Rook just has so much gorgeous detail.

I’ll start with the obvious: the four parts interlock to create either a tower or fortress, and changes the dynamics for each mode. Then there’s the bone-tree, the “giant” chess set, and the detailing on the towers.

I can’t pick a favorite detail on this. Just take a look and see for yourself!

Thanks for the heads up, Bley Junkie!

Neo-Classic Space Aeon Hoverbike

Dutch builder zenn has been tossing out hoverbike variations built around the motorcycle chassis for over a year, but his latest Neo-Classic Space variation has so many lovely details I can’t pass it up.

Aeon Hoverbike

The fairing over the rear of the bike is some sort of Bionicle piece, and I love the old-style plastic cape over the light on the front.

Via Legobloggen.