Ma.K MH 30 Kraft Falter by Fredoichi

The Ma.K starfighter contest is yielding some amazing entries. Even though we can’t feature them all, a few stand out that we don’t want our readers to miss. While Fredoichi‘s entry might not do especially well at high speeds in an atmosphere, his airplane doors at odd angles, minifig helmets as vents, and every curvy piece imaginable capture the Maschinen Krieger aesthetic perfectly.

Ma.K - MH 30 Kraft Falter

(And don’t miss Fredo’s recent sky-fighters, which we just haven’t gotten around to, despite obvious blogworthiness…)

Myocardial infarction

This curvy fighter by Mark Stafford is quite the heart stopper. The black and yellow stripes contrast beautifully with the red-tipped prongs, but what impresses me most is all the shininess — not something you necessarily notice in a lot of LEGO models.


Nice Figure

I never thought I’d see a space ship with a slim waist, but the Feros by Stijn (Red Spacecat) is just that. This thing is all smooth curves, synched in by a belt (in this case the bridge) in the center. He’s scattered a few interesting details throughout, which stand out starkly against the otherwise smooth figure.

Feros Tanker by Stijn on Flickr

As always, Stijn goes the extra mile in photoshop to bring us a nice presentation, as well.


It took me a few seconds to recognize a Lego part on Adrian Florea‘s newest creation. Either I’m a noob or Adrian used some really obscure pieces to good effect. The only non-purist element is a painted canopy.

Wildmaus Ma.k

Aquestrian Metal

This piece of work by David Collins (intrond) fits in a unique genre that I can’t decide. It looks like a mix between a spaceship and a mechanical creature. The color blocking and the multifaceted chunks are pleasing to look at. A few stickers add the vital details.

Aquestrian Metal

Echinoidea lacuna

Classification: Bio-mechanical space probe
Purpose: Exploration
Armament: Light
Designer/engineer: Kahan Dare

Space Urchin

This little “space urchin” by tadashistate incorporates two missile launchers under its gorgeous green skin. The minifig hands form two rows of formidable spines.

Tugging at my heartstrings

I think I may be in love with this re-purposed space tug by Pha][_,][_,. The story of a second-hand utility spaceship being purchased on “ShipTrader,” and converted for personal use is cute and humanizing. Meanwhile, the color scheme is one that I love to build in myself. The use of a car fender piece to cap off the curved canopy is something I’ve never seen before, and it looks great! Add in the many many compound angles that make the shape at once simple and complex, and I’m sold. What’s the URL for ShipTrader again?


Hammer and tongs

Soren Roberts ([Soren]) was one of the earlier and most proficient builders of sub-minifig scale LEGO starships. His latest missile cruiser ‘Hammer’ is another fine example of clean lines, geometric shapes and controlled greebling.

Missile Cruiser - 'Hammer'