Space Battleship Yamato by Mark Rodrigues

I grew up watching bits and pieces of 「宇宙戦艦ヤマト」(Space Battleship Yamato) at friends’ houses back in Japan, but I have to admit that my fascination with the series today is largely due to the fleet of ships rather than for any sense of personal nostalgia. I’m a sucker for LEGO renditions of the titular ship, and this version by Mark Rodrigues doesn’t disappoint.

LEGO Space Battleship Yamato

Mark’s 1/250 scale Yamato took 4 months to build and represents his return to the LEGO hobby after a 4-year hiatus. I’d say the result was well worth the wait. The vessel is 45″ long and includes rotating turrets and opening wings.

Via Legobloggen.

Still Alive

Obvious Portal references aside, I was drawn to this ship by Jack McKeen (madLEGOman), because of the interesting shapes I saw in a thumbnail. The cockpit shape is really quite beautiful, even if it can’t actually fit a fig inside. It reminds me of a compound eye, as it’s covered in various facets. The angular engine pods contrast with the bulbous cockpit for an interesting build overall.

Even after you're dead...

The cake also looks great, so delicious and moist.

Every Piece in its Place

The level of thought and planning that must have gone into building this scene is quite impressive. Paul B. Hartzog has given us a truly lovely sci-fi interior scene. From the mating of the prints on the dish and the wing pieces at the center of the composition to the single removed floor panel (revealing circuitry underneath), everything about this scene clicks. There’s enough to see here that the composition doesn’t suffer from its lack of minifigs. Even the ceiling has a nice level of detail!

with lighting

Green Monster

Sorry if I suckered any baseball fans among our readers, this post is about a big green tank by Jason Heltebridle (Moctagon Jones). The smooth curves of this creation, coupled with the unusual gun certainly push this well into the sci-fi realm. Some of the details on the turret are also quite nice, in particular, the work between the wheels.

What’s more, it has taken me long enough to write this post, that it seems Jason has posted ANOTHER interesting tank.

Dutspätz II - Mobile Field Forward Destroyer - left