Best circular staircase. Ever.

Marcos Bessa’s Ancient Lady’s Museum is an astounding work of art and quality. The front of the museum accurately captures the Greek facade architectural look, where advanced techniques are used to create subtle offsets and detailed ornamentation. The dark blue also adds a tone of establishment to the building.

What amazes me the most is the extravagant interior of the museum, which features the best Lego circular staircase I have ever seen. This is the most difficult type of staircase to build in minifig scale. Not only does Marcos succeed with the form, he also adds ornate railings and a carpet pattern. This is the work of a truly skilled builder.

A new dimension of RPG

Bo King Wang (CREATION K.O Creation) thinks outside the 8-bit box and creates a 3D RPG battle depicting a band of heroes taking down an evil sorceress and her monster. The back panels feature two additional scenes that are also worth checking out. See them all in the gallery on Flickr.

Symmetry in asymmetry

Ryan H. (L.D.M.) has achieved an intriguing form in his Læther (a contraction of “luminiferous” and “æther”) spaceship that combines both the beauty of symmetry and the interestingness of asymmetry. At first glance, one sees a unique shape dominated by random protrusions from the fuselage. A second look will reveal the surprising symmetry of the individual components. Genius!


Architectural genius Matija Grguric brings us this elegant train station and other town buildings in grand detail. Down to a shopping center and up to a skyscraper, everything’s there. This is a true inspiration for anyone wanting to build something, so take heed and look through these magnificent creations.

The incredible train station. Well positioned with a very imposing style.

Color variation is just excellent. Dark blue, dark red, light blue, light gray — it’s all there.

 …and then there’s that awesome Honda billboard (closer image here). I really like how these two buildings just work together. The contrast is perfect.

Check out the whole town display over at Matija’s Flickr photostream!

Junk on the High Seas

Never has junk looked so good. Sorry. This Chinese Junk by ArzLan is a thing of beauty and its chock full of cool techniques. I’m loving that flag.

Lego Ship Chinese Junk

Edit: This will be displayed at Brick Adventure 2011 in Hong Kong.