High-ho, Sleipnir! Away!

It’s true that we haven’t featured enough Bionicle lately. This horse by retinence certainly gives us a reason to begin correcting that.

Sleipnir: The Majestic

My only complaint is that Odin’s mount Sleipnir should have eight legs, not four, but this is a beautiful steed indeed.

Thanks for the tip, Morgan19!

David Beckham wants to be a professional LEGO builder

We generally don’t highlight celebrities talking about LEGO (OMG! Brad Pitt likes LEGO! He even builds on his own, without his kids!!!), but this one is kind of sweet.

Quoth Becks:

“What would I like to do if I wasn’t a footballer? I love drawing cartoons and building Lego with my sons.

David Beckham“This is going to make me sound really weird but when I was in Milan I had such a big amount of spare time. I found online that you can buy a Lego model of the Taj Mahal so I bought it and started building it, I only built some of it because I got injured halfway through.

“I know it’s not a career but I love doing it and would like to be a professional Lego builder. My boys are the same, they’re obsessed with it.

“Football has affected my family in an unbelievable way, to travel to so many places, if I’d done something else like been a Lego builder, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything like that.”

What David doesn’t realize is that LEGO builders do indeed travel the globe on top secret missions for The Brick, hang out with Hollywood celebrities, and can generally out-hooligan even the most bad-ass of soccer fans.

It’s not too late to join us, David! I’ll buy you a Pepsi myself if you come to BrickCon.

(Via Dirty Tackle, with a hat-tip to Mrs. Dunechaser — who I love for continuing to read a soccer blog after the end of the World Cup.)

LEGO House

Yellow is a hard color to use in realistic buildings in my opinion, but Flickr user georgivar obviously had no trouble doing that. Added with the white brick corners and second story balconies, this building makes for a really nice European style structure. Great job on this one!

This ship really bugs me

Or maybe it’s my own bad pun that bothers me. I do really like this ship, by -infomaniac-, though. It does a great job of capturing the shape of an insect in a space ship. The placement of the cockpit at the center is great concealment, it took me awhile to even spot it. I’m also a fan of the generally armored look, especially the use of minifig bases.

Carpenter Ant

1:52 scale Slave I

Junsier returns to Flickr with his best version of the Slave I. The almost sculptural quality of this creation captures the difficult curves of the ship. Jabba won’t have to wait long for his prize.