In the Meantime

With my return from a travel and jetlag induced hiatus I’m going to break the chain of large MOCs to go to the other extreme. The Magic Tuba Pixie reinterprets a Glatorian mask to create a lovely micro-scale submarine. A good dose of creative parts application can replace a lot of bricks.

Truckin’ in style

This Peterbilt rig by Bricksonwheels is to die for. While the shiney chrome goodness leaps out at you, the build is phenomonal. Remoted controlled via Power Functions and featuring all sort of fun features, this truck truly rocks.

Lego Peterbilt Semi Truck Trailer Chrome

Little John meets Robin Hood

I’m a sucker for landscaping. I like when it adds to the scene, and helps amplify it. Johnathon Gilbert’s creation does just that for me:

It has a sense of action, and makes me wonder what would happen if they lost their balance on that log! The implied movement in the water tells me it might not be pretty…

Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong

You don’t have to have been in China to recognize the distinct Chinese architecture portrayed in Andy Hung’s rendition of the Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong. The intricate layering of multi-colored plates simulates the colorful ornamentation on the actual building. Check out the full gallery where you can see the complete creation featuring an additional lit-up bus station.